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We proudly present


In Spring of 2023 Des Moines, Iowa launches its first annual Wellness Week. The main event kicks off a 7 day, city-wide wellness activation that enhances the connection between local businesses and the community.

Each curation works to amplify existing services, spaces and businesses. We are here to empower our city, the people, and you.

Des Moines Iowa launches its first annual Wellness Week during wellness month in May 2023. 

DMI Wellness Week starts with a huge dance/skate experience called Movement in Motion; a highly curated, family friendly experience that begins with a family friendly skate session and ends with a nostalgic, themed adult-only skate night. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 8.02.30 PM.png

Unlike your average skate experience we bring exquisite design elements and features to create the most memorable evening. Imagine an evening filled with close friends and family skating and dancing along to your favorite tunes from a local d.j.


Our highly interactive event offers a lounge area for sponsors and promo, a photo booth, a gaming zone, a dance area and other fun ways of engagement that inform participants of the services and events taking place throughout the week.   

DMIWW_Image Strip.jpg

Other activations throughout the city include:

Traditional and non-traditional mental health services, gardening activities, meditation, chiropractic, dance, yoga, art, creative expression, physical fitness, live demos, talks and access to a variety of alternative health experiences.

Our unique approach activates spaces by creating unique curations that impact and inspire people to know more about their city, themselves and the local services and businesses that surround us.


Who we are: 

Adrienne Wade is a Healing-arts Curator facilitating various experiences and partnerships to create memorable social impact that builds and expands a culture of well-being, love and unity.


What this 7 day activation offers:

-A select curation of transformative experiences connecting people and business throughout the city

-A map and directory of all activities and activation sites

-Community engagement and social impact

-Heart health and a variety of wellness practices

-Business opportunities & promotion

-Creative Solutions & Emotional Intelligence Learning

-Fun for individuals, children and adults 

-Healthy living experiences and alternatives that assist our mental and physical well-being.


Throughout this 7 day activation we highlight and create experiences that include:

mental health services (counseling, brain balance, neuro-feedback brain training, float therapy, plant therapy) alternative healing (chiropractic, acupuncture, emotional freedom technique, meditation)

healthy food choices (food pairing, nutrition awareness, plant based eating, local food markets

art activities (mosaics, community mural, creative writing, music, macramé, paint classes)

fun and fitness (yoga, barre class, pilates, indoor cycling, dance expression, hula hooping, roller skating)


Why this matters:

DMI Wellness Week provides solutions that work to remedy what the last 3 years has amplified. Many people and businesses have suffered from extreme isolation, loss of income, heightened stress, depression, suicide and disconnect. We believe providing people with solutions and access to services can help people and the city of Des Moines.

Our goal is to inspire people to tap into a variety of healing techniques and experiences offered to best assist and work through all we are going through.

What do we offer:

We create curated healing experiences that bring people together. We believe collaborating in a non-traditional way can amplify and promote local services, businesses and wellness solutions. We are here to inspire people to know more about the city, themselves and the local services that surround us.

DMI Wellness Week taps into social programs and partnerships throughout the city of Des Moines highlighting mental health services, alternative healing, healthy cooking demos, creative movement classes, nature based practices, meditation and more. 

This opportunity highlights creative solutions that work toward physical and mental well-being for all!


The ask:

We are looking for partners, sponsors, angel donors and city officials who are interested in being part of Des Moines Wellness Week in May 2023. The budget to fund and host this is 40k to 100k depending on how expansive this activation becomes. Our goal is to make as many of these experiences and services free and accessible to the public.


We look forward to building and connecting with you. If you'd like to contact us please send an email to:

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