Artist Adrienne Wade

Adrienne Wade is a multi talented wholistic artist who has created all her life. Originally from Iowa; she was inspired by her father, a musical artist.


She has dedicated her life to healing through art and is inspired to use creativity as a tool to share messages about love, peace, self empowerment, uplift-meant and liberation. Her entire body of work is a colorful cocktail of metaphorical abstraction, metaphysical messages, and creative symbolism. 


Adrienne’s creations come in many forms; from paintings on canvas and cardboard to tapestries, wearable art accessories, indoor/outdoor murals and garden art.


She is currently working on an exclusive hand painted, wearable art collection called Soul To Sole Collection, featuring beautifully customized shoes that honor the wearer’s life path. 

Each wearable creation is beautifully infused with what she calls “Quantum Paint Medicine” a technique that energetically helps one manifest dreams. Each step taken becomes a movement toward higher life goals and aspirations. 


“Our greatest gift to humanity is our willingness to serve, support and create the changes we'd like to see in the world. “ Adrienne Wade 


From her celebrated San Pedro Waterfront Arts District murals to her Venice street art happenings, with  paintings being displayed in Los Angeles, New York, Europe, Iowa and on exhibition in Hollywood’s legendary Barnsdall Art Park, “Adrienne Wade’s work is delightful (and) amazing” – LA Weekly 

© 2023 by Adrienne Wade

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