Soul to Sole Shoes the exclusive, wearable art collection by Artist Adrienne Wade.  

(Read below to learn about the ordering process. Each order includes a Custom Shoe design, original art, ordering of the custom shoe and shipping fees are all included.)

Step 1: Place your order/ complete your questionnaire.  

Once an order is placed, you fill out a special questionnaire. The information you share assists the design process. We can also arrange a scheduled time to chat over the phone.

Step 2: Confirming your Custom All Star Sneaker order

We create and send over a few design variations for you to choose from.  Once you select the one you want. You email us letting us know.


Step 3: Soul to Sole Shoes places your  design order with the factory. 

Once we receive your approved shoe info  (color, customizations, shoe style, size, inspiration. etc) we confirm and order your shoes for you. Once an order is placed, it takes up to 4 weeks for the factory to build the custom sneaker.) Reference the the yellow show with orange and teal accents to get a greater sense of what a custom design looks like before the paint process begins.)


If you desire a basic All Star shoe vs a customized  shoe this is also possible and saves up to 4 weeks.  Which means your shoes can be created and delivered to you in just 4 weeks. 


Step 4: Original Art and The Intuitive paint process 

Once your shoe arrives from the All Star factory, the intuitive paint process can begin. This takes place over a 28 day moon cycle.

An encoded paint language called Quantum Paint Medicine inspires the free hand shoe design. 

(Mantras and other positive affirmations can also be hidden under various layers of paint if this is desired and specified.) 


Step 5: Shipping

Once your creation is complete, we contact you to let you know your tracking info. 

Step 6: Shoe Activation

Once your shoes arrive. Follow the instructions included in your package to know how to activate your quantum shoes.

Step 7: Live your best life

Keep walking toward your celebrated path! We encourage you to honor and live out your inner visions and goals! 

© 2023 by Adrienne Wade

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