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Soul to Sole Collection | The exclusive

wearable art collection by Adrienne Wade.  

(Soul to Sole Collection is a wearable art series created on custom All Star Sneakers. This series merges original shoe design and original art, made exclusively for you, the wearer; inspired by your life path.)

Soul to Sole Shoes by Adrienne Wade.JPG
Soul to Sole Shoes.JPG

Step 1: Placing your Order

Once your order is placed, you receive a special questionnaire. (This questionnaire informs the shoe design process. From the sneaker design all the way to the hand painted symbols your sneaker gets adorned with.)

Once your form is complete we begin designing different shoe variations for you to choose from.  Each piece in this series is created on custom all star converse, designed by Adrienne Wade. 

Step 2: Confirming your Order

After we create and send a few design variations for you to choose from. You select the base shoe you like. Once you select the customized shoe we confirm the specific design/size before  placing the finalized order.


It takes the factory 3-4weeks to build and deliver your custom sneaker to the art studio.

(Reference the image of the yellow sneaker with orange and teal accents to get a greater sense of what a custom converse looks like before and after the paint process begins.)  


Step 3: Original Art and Quantum Paint Medicine.

Once your shoe arrives from the Converse Factory, the intuitive paint process begins.

This takes place over a 28 day moon cycle. This encoded paint process called Quantum Paint Medicine inspires intuitive hand painted designs, symbols and patterns influenced by intuition and the info shared in your questionnaire.


Step 4: Shipping

Once your creation is complete, we ship and contact you to let you know your tracking info. 

Step 6: Shoe Activation

Once your shoe arrives. Follow the instructions included in your package to  activate your quantum shoes.

Step 7: Live your best life

Keep walking toward your celebrated path! We encourage you to honor and live out your inner visions and goals! 

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