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The Art & Nature Sanctuary

This Earth Art Project is inspired by ancient land practices that give life to life! We have the power to transform our lives by growing solutions that inspire a more harmonious way of life.

Seeds Of Love by Adrienne Wade.png

Earth Art

"The Birds Nest"

A water harvesting garden and meditation area built with storm sticks from the 2020 land hurricane.

Art Installation by Adrienne Wade.JPG

The Art of Resourcefulness

Natural Structures and solutions

Functional Earth Art merges creativity and resourcefulness with a need.  This hillside is now secured with pieces of wood from sticks, rocks and fallen tree limbs. This indigenous method slows erosion. Once this area is planted with native plants, the strong root systems grow to retain more water, while creating rich habitats for ecosystems that support life.  

Art Installation by Adrienne Wade.JPG
Stick art installation by Adrienne Wade_Spring 2021.JPG

The Art of Play

Natural Structures and solutions

This structure is built from tree limbs. This can serve as a meditation room, a squirrel jungle gym, or as a trellis. At the base of this creation are native pollinator plants  that attract

 beneficial insects.

Stick art installation by Adrienne Wade_Spring 2021.JPG

Healing Restoration

Wood & Water

The deer live here and drink from these waters. The toads and tadpoles have also established their families along this water way. We recently discovered the city considers this to be a dump sight for storm drains and trash so we are finding creative ways to establish healing areas that filter some of the water through plants.

This nature installation uses fallen trees that mimic the bend of the water way. This log formation is designed to hold moisture and soon plants will fill in between the logs, filtering the water while also uplifting this ecosystem.

Adrienne Earth ARt 2021_edited.jpg
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