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Barley Fields

Are You Looking To Grow Solution Based Community Resilience?

We are creating a path toward community connection, that includes the return to local food independence, soil health, human well-being, and local trade.

We are seeking to connect with those interested in growing localized, independent & communal self reliance.


Our goal is to transform as many lawns as possible into thriving gardens so those involved can learn to plant, grow, trade and/or sell healthy food options beginning Spring of 2022.


We are currently seeking anyone interested in this opportunity who has a lawn, land and or/ greenhouse!! We are also seeking to connect with those who have land based skills and a love of the natural world!!

We believe working together can create a collective movement that empowers and prepares us to create

positive outcomes in a changing world.


If you are interested complete the online form below. Each neighborhood needs at least 4-10 neighbors/lawns. Once we get a sense of who desires to be involved (and at what scale) we can work together to create a custom game plan for each agrihood (aka collection of neighbors growing food).

This is strictly a people based movement. Together, We The People can build and inspire solutions that support an expanding reality that considers balance, local food security and other forms of harmonized health and well-being.


This is a beautiful opportunity to come together to create a path towards abundance and solutions.


Here are a few easy things you can do to this fall to prepare for successful planting by Spring 2022:

_ Complete/Submit the form above

_Observe/study how the sun hits your lawn. Winter sun and summer sun hit different. (observing where the light falls on your lawn can help you determine where pockets of growth can best occur.)

_ Soil testing (many of us may live on land that is contaminated so once your soil is tested we can determine what can grow or what you can do to work toward healing the land. We can provide info on where to send your soil.)

_ Seed saving and collecting. (This winter you can select and save seed varieties you desire to grow in Spring/Summer/Fall.)

_ Stay connected so we can share soil building prep strategies this Autumn. (Fall/Winter is time of rest for the land so preparing layers of organic matter in autumn allows beneficial life forces in soil to be restored for planting in spring!) 

Growing Solution Based Resilience

Let’s Grow Together

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