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Man Vs. Nature

(A chess and checkers set with stump seating for two)

A chess game between humanity vs our collective self destruction.


On one side both the black/white pieces have aligned to play united against the forces of destruction. The king and queen on the opposing side (the side with the bullets) are made from a tree. This simply communicates that the root of ones destruction is also rooted in the psyche of ones own disconnected nature. 


The true battle is between the nature of oneness and the nature of our own collective destruction. 


Many metaphors and symbols live within this creation to tell the story of the very thing we are facing now. We are playing a game that goes much deeper than many may care to know.


Other cool things about this piece:

A crack in the tree is filled with resin. If you look you can find stories of life suspended in resin made from rolled up magazines. This symbolizes a thing stripped of itself, to become something else, to then return back to itself; although foreign to its original form. 


In the end times we may discover that although we all carry  many different beliefs, most of us desire the same things. In the final battle for humanity. All humanity will face who and what we are actually up against. 

(Materials: Wood, tree parts, bullets, chess pieces, paper, resin.) 

This piece was last on view at Art Share LA for a show curated by Art Above Reality Sept-October 2021

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