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Art Attracts Royalty

Oprah Winfrey and Adrienne Wade April 2018.jpg

Oprah Winfrey 

Art Collector. Author. Neil Cohen .jpg

Neil Cohen

Obama and Adrienne 2018

President Obama 

Spike Lee and Adrienne Wade.jpg

Spike Lee

Harrison Ford and Adrienne W.jpg

Harrison Ford

Whoopi Goldberg and Adrienne W.jpg

Whoopie Goldberg

Herbie Hancock and Adrienne .jpg

Herbie Hancock

Adrienne Wade, Mary J. Blige and Perez H

Mary J. Blige and Perez Hilton

Herbie Hancock

Debbie Allen and Adrienne Wade.jpg

Debbie Allen

Mary J. Blige and Perez Hilton

Michelle Obama.jpg

Michelle Obama

Patrick Swayze and Adrienne W.jpg

Patrick Swayze

Jamie Foxx and Adrienne Wade.jpg

Jamie Foxx

Jimmy Carter and Adrienne W.jpg

Jimmy Carter

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